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  • What Nikon's SnapBridge v. 2.6 can do for you

  • Imagine for a second, you had the capactiy of a real DSLR camera in your smartphone: full control over speed, aperture and ISO, infinite focal lengths, flattering bokeh and other enabling features, along with the direct connection to social media or clients? Sounds ideal? Of course it does, and that’s what makes SnapBridge v. 2.6 a must-have app for Nikon photographers today. Read on to find out more!

    SnapBridge v. 2.6

    Snapbridge is an always-on image transfer service that enables a constant connection between Nikon cameras and smart devices. While your Nikon camera does the job of achieving the best pictures possible, SnapBridge does the job of transferring these automatically to your smart, which you can then instantly share.

    The transferred photos have a size of two megapixels. Upon request, the camera also transfers photos in full resolution. With SnapBridge version 2.6, even RAW images can be transferred. But that’s not all Nikon’s SnapBridge app offers, continue reading!

    What Nikon’s SnapBridge v. 2.6 can do for youNikon’s SnapBridge: Permanent connection without high power consumption.

    Connect with ease & stay up to date

    Up to five cameras can be registered and easily switched between the cameras and connecting your Nikon camera to your smart device should only be performed once for each mobile device. Once connected, your camera will automatically detect the known smart device.

    Along with image settings, date and time, the SnapBridge app also allows you to save GPS location data, embed watermarks or add copyright information in your images.

    Good to know, the Snapbridge app also informs you about camera updates. This keeps your Nikon camera equipped with the latest features.

    Low power consumption

    You do not have to worry about high power consumption anymore. Through with next-generation Bluetooth, your Nikon camera and smart device is permanently connected without consuming much energy.

    Users can continue surfing the internet during image transfer, check e-mails or social feeds while syncing their photographs.

    What’s more, the SnapBridge 2.6 app now also has an additional power-saving mode that minimizes even the battery usage of the mobile device.

    3 benefits to automatic synchronisation

    When a permanent connection is made between your Nikon camera and smart device, SnapBridge transfers any image you take directly to your smartphone – even when the camera is turned off. The automatic synchronisation has three advantages:

      1. Firstly, you don’t have to worry if you lose a memory card, since automatic synchronisation creates an automatic backup is created.
      2. Secondly (particularly exciting for professionals) images can be shown directly on a large smartphone or tablet for clients or friends.
      3. Lastly, your photographed masterpieces can be shared and sent online faster than ever before.

    Use your smart device to remotely control your camera

    Not only can you use your smart device as a remote control to take photos, you can access the functions on your camera, using your smart device via the SnapBridge app.

    Using your smart device you can switch shooting mode (P / S / A / M), alter shutter speed, adjust aperture, exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity and white balance. Even the focus can be set in the app.

    What’s more, the settings and exposure preview can be checked directly on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. This works with all current Nikon cameras such as the D850, the D500, the mirrorless models Z 7 and Z 6 and of course the D7500, D5600 and D3500.

    More benefits

    Immediately after connecting your Nikon camera to the mobile device, you can register for a Nikon ID to get unlimited storage for your images (2 megapixels) on our cloud storage site, NIKON IMAGE SPACE – totally free.

    Small Bonus: By signing up for the Nikon ID, you will automatically become a member of Nikon’s online storage service. This means that even 20 GB of free storage for original image files at full resolution is included.

    Signing up for the Nikon ID is easy as the model name and serial number of the camera are already registered when you first launch the SnapBridge app.

    So, if you have not done so already, download the SnapBridge 2.6  for Apple  & Android and take advantage of the many benefits! Read more our Product Marketing Manager about SnapBridge here

    For new or returning readers of this blog post, we would like to refer you to the more recent version of this blog post. Please head here to read it and share your thoughts.   This more recent version highlights updates we’ve made with SnapBridge version 2.6 and, in response to all your feedback, commentary shared by Nikon Europe Product Marketing Manager, Dirk Jasper.

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