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  • A look back at 2017: What a year it's been for Nikon!


    From Nikon’s 100 year celebrations, to product launches and the stories, big and small, that have captivated people around the world, this last year was nothing short of extraordinary! Before leaping into 2018, we take a moment to look back at some of the most definitve moments for Nikon as well as in the world of photography in 2017.


    Nikon celebrated its 100th Anniversary

    Nikon 100th Anniversary logo
    Nikon 100th Anniversary logo


    It isn’t everyday that a company can say they are now 100, so when that moment arrived, it was a flurry of activities to mark the occassion, some of which included looking back at remarkable moments, images, and stories that have shaped a century of innovation.


    Of the many events we’ve looked back upon, the extraordinary role Nikon has played in space exploration is one that stands out. A Nikon camera (Nikon Photomic FTN) first travelled to the moon on Apollo 15 in 1971 and Nikon cameras have been aboard every manned space flight since. Subsequently, Nikon cameras have recorded many of the most remarkable moments of the last half century, from outer space to the most remote spaces on earth. In commemoration of this, we shared this time-lapse video, edited by SmugMug Films, using thousands of still images of planet Earth, all taken from space using Nikon equipment.


    Nikon in Space: time-lapse view of the world | Nikon 100th Anniversary


    A lot happens in 100 years. Perhaps this is reflected in Nikon’s extensive list of imaging devices that has provided the world a way to help tell stories that matter. The following posters, showcasing the cameras and lenses produced by Nikon over 100 years, is one way we celebrated Nikon’s 100th Anniversary.

    Nikon 100th Anniversary showcasing some of the winning cameras produced by Nikon in the pas 100 years
    Nikon 100th Anniversary poster, showcasing our winning cameras, created to mark Nikon’s 100 years in the Imaging industry.


    NIKKOR lenses 100th Anniversary showcasing Nikon/NIKKOR lenses produced over 100 years
    Nikon 100th Anniversary poster, showcasing Nikon’s range of NIKKOR lenses, created to mark Nikon’s 100 years in the Imaging industry.


    Apart from these postters, Nikon USA released a series of  ten posters, each of an iconic Nikon camera with a limited production run of 100 first edition prints. Nikon Japan set up the official Nikon 100th anniversary website and published the  ‘Nikon – 100 Anniversary’ book, which can be purchased on Amazon. The book was written by Uli Koch, one of the most prominent Nikon collectors.


    Ten Iconic Cameras. Ten Iconic Posters. To celebrate Nikon’s 100 year history of providing the world with imaging devices that help tell the stories that matter, Nikon USA released a this series of posters of ten iconic cameras, printed as limited edition posters.
    Ten Iconic Cameras. Ten Iconic Posters: To celebrate Nikon’s 100 year history of providing the world with imaging devices, Nikon USA released a series of posters showcasing ten iconic cameras, printed as limited editions.


    Largest Human Image of a Camera, Nikon, Guinness World Book of Records
    A new world record for ‘The Largest Human Image of a Camera’ as organised by Nital S.p.A., Nikon’s Italian distributor, onJune 17, 2017.

    On June 17, 2017, Nikon Italy/Nital S.p.A., Nikon’s Italian distributor, celebrated Nikon’s 100th Anniversary by setting a new world record of ‘The Largest Human Image of a Camera’ with a total of 1,454 participants! The image was rigorously checked by a panel of judges to count the crowd and verify whether the formation looked like a camera, and it was successfully certified as a new world record.


    There are many contributing factors to Nikon’s success over the years. WIthout a doubt, at the heart of this, are our loyal fans and customers!


    As a big thank you for their continued support and trust over the years, we took the opportunuty presented by this milestone and created special videos for the 100th Anniversary, showcasing some of the photos and stories they’ve shared with us only recently.




    Nikon’s centenary year celebrations didn’t stop there. We travelled to where it all started for Nikon, and launched a new travel photography series Cutting Through The Chaos of Tokyo. From the crowds of Shibuya Crossing to the heights of Mori Tower, via Buddhist monks and the street life of Tokyo – Polish travel photographer, Lukasz Palka, armed with NIKKOR zoom and telephoto lenses, cut to the heart of the city to capture its spirit. Here is one such image of Tokyo’s most iconic buildings, the Tokyo Tower. Lukas had waited until the ‘blue hour’ to capture it. The city was enveloped in a ghostly haze, which drew out the contrasting warm tones of Tokyo Tower against the blue hues of the city.


    Tokyo’s most iconic buildings, the Tokyo Tower, was captured in this powerful shot. Lukasz waited for the gorgeous evening ‘blue hour’, when the city is enveloped in a ghostly haze, in order to capture the contrasting warm tones of Tokyo Tower with the blue hues of the city. It’s fair to say, he captures the essence of Tokyo beautifully
    ‘Beacon in the Fog’ captured with the Nikon D5 + AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR


    Nikon launched the Nikon D850


    In August, we launched the hotly anticipated Nikon D850 to rave reviews. The first Nikon DSLR to feature a full-frame back-illuminated FX-format BSI CMOS sensor with an ultra-high 45.7Mp resolution, achieved a record breaking score by DxOMark, having been put through rigorous testing. DxOMark, the trusted industry standard for independent lens image quality measurements and ratings for cameras, awarded the D850 its highest score ever for a DSLR sensor, with a score of 100.


    DxoMark 100 DXO points awarded to the Nikon D850
    ‘DxoMark awarded the Nikon D850 100 points as ‘the first Nikon DSLR to feature a full-frame backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor, and is the second-highest resolution DSLR available.”


    The DxOMark Sensor Overall Score consists of testing three components, including the colour depth for portrait photography, dynamic range for landscape photography and low-light ISO for sports, wildlife and other action photography. The score of 100 was nicely timed with the 100th anniversary celebrations and demonstrates how Nikon continues to be an industry leader with its innovations in photography.



    The most photographed eclipse in history took place


    There were plenty of events worth photographing in 2017, and none more widely covered than the US total solar eclipse. The celestial event, which took place on 21st August, was the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse to cross the North American continent since 1918, and was witnessed by an estimated seven million people.


    US total solar eclipse
    ‘The end of totality / Solar Eclipse 21/08/2017’ as captured by Gwenael Blk with a Nikon D5200


    The captivating phenomenon of the moon temporarily obscuring the sun blanketed parts of the US in darkness, caused temperatures to drop and drew one of the largest audiences in human history. The Associated Press reported that the eclipse was the most observed and photographed in history which isn’t surprising as the abrupt darkness and halo or light is stunning to view.


    The fleeting nature of the event makes it all the more appealing to photographers hungry for a challenge and, as a result, many stunning images were captured. If you’re keen to put your photography skill to the test, total solar eclipses happen somewhere in the world on average once every three years, so you have plenty of time to prepare!



    We said goodbye to acclaimed photojournalist and Nikon photographer Stanley Greene


    On 19th May, American photographer Stanley Greene sadly passed away leaving an outstanding legacy. A unique and charismatic personality, known for his edgy style, Stanley made a huge impression on the world of photography, shooting everything from the San Francisco punk scene in the 70s and 80s to the fall of the Berlin Wall, winning five World Press Photo awards along the way.


    In 2007, he co-founded the Noor agency with Clement Saccomani. Nikon has worked closely with this collective of highly-accomplished photojournalists, supporting their extensive photography projects and collaborating to run free educational workshops as part of the Nikon-Noor academy. In 2017, workshops took place across Europe in The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK to offer young, aspiring documentary photographers the opportunity to learn from some of the top Nikon photographers in their field.


    During his career Stanley travelled to conflict and disaster zones across the globe including Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda as well as post-Katrina New Orleans to capture thought-provoking and shocking images which forced the world to sit up and pay attention. As large-scale humanitarian crises such as the conflict in Syria and the migrant crisis in Europe continued to make headlines in 2017, it’s apparent that his work is as relevant now as it has ever been.


    Stanley Greene photojournalist pro photographer
    Stanley Greene (4th February, 1949 – 19th May, 2017)


    The First Comedy Pet Photography Awards


    It seems that our obsession with our pets knows no bounds as the first ever Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards were launched in 2017. The awards received over 2,500 entries from 73 countries including the Philippines, Mexico, Uganda, Kazakhstan and New Zealand. Wildlife photographer and Nikon user Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and African landscape photographer Tom Sullam founded the awards off the back of the successful Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.


    The winners were announced in September 2017 and the overall prize went to a prancing horse jumping in the air with his face turned to the camera and was captured by Nando Harmsen in the Netherlands. Other winning pictures included a Border Collie dog mesmerised by a bubble at the end of its nose and an Alaskan Husky dog staring down a Goldendoodle puppy. The winning line-up beat off tough competition from rib-tickling images of pets riding rocking horses and taking selfies.


    The bizarre court battle over the infamous “monkey selfie” was resolved


    From the amusing to the even more bizarre! 2017 saw the court battle over the infamous “monkey selfie” finally resolved. The dispute originated in 2011 when a black macaque captured an image of itself on British photographer, David Slater’s camera while he was visiting Sulawesi in Indonesia. The popularity of the pictures showing the monkey grinning into the lens resulted in legal action being taken after Wikipedia refused to take down one of the pictures, claiming the copyright belonged to the monkey.


    In 2015, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed a law suit against David on behalf of the macaque, which was finally settled when David agreed to donate 25 per cent of the royalties generated by the photos to animal charities dedicated to protecting the macaques’ natural habitat.


    The court case which gained global attention has certainly helped to raise awareness of the crested black macaques who are under threat of extinction. Wildlife photographers may also now want to think twice the next time their subjects get a little too close to their camera equipment!


    This has been a handful of events and stories 2017 brough our way. We now look forward to 2018, let’s see what that brings!

    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to our readers!