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  • Celebrating our favourite stories: Nikon 100th Year Anniversary (4 of 4)

  • From stunning wildlife shots to captivating action shots, we have shown you just a selection of our favourite images from Nikon’s 100th Anniversary series. To wrap up, we wanted to share five more stories all with a deeper message behind them. From photography as therapy to the power of love, take a look at these images shot on a Nikon, and the stories they tell…

    1. Kevin Young – Photography as Therapy

    Kevin Young was paralysed following a diving accident in 2011. During his recovery period he discovered photography as a means of therapy, focusing on calmer aspects of life with a Nikon camera. This helped him ‘slow down, recompose and get balance back from all the chaos’. Once balance was restored, Kevin began fulfilling his dream of visually exploring the world and the beautiful people in it.

    Photography As Therapy
    D810 + AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR | © Kevin Young

    1. Ross Harvey – An Invisible Force

    Wedding photographer Ross Harvey took this shot capturing the invisible force of love. He says: “The human species. Capable of both the most beautiful and the most abhorrent behaviour. The media saturates us with the latter, and while unquestionably invaluable for our own growth and enlightenment, it’s not the only facet of humanity that deserves to be immortalised. The invisible power that binds us together – love – dissolves borders. This photograph was born from my endless desire to capture a moment that catapults itself into the viewers heart, shakes it from its daily slumber and shouts – “This is what we’re here for! This is what makes us human!” 

    An Invisible Force
    D750 + AF-S NIKKOR 35mm ƒ/1.4G | © Ross Harvey

    1. Robert Osborn – Rattling Thunder

    After seven years of travelling through the Rocky Mountains of Central Montana, USA, photographing cowboys, Robert Osborn began photographing people of the Northern Plains Tribes. With an awareness of the historical conflicts between these tribes and the U.S. Army, Robert comments: “Ten years of photographing people has taught me to see what is revealed in a face. When I speak with a Native American, I see dignity and pride. I see the components of a warrior. I see sorrow and I see distrust of my race and of myself. I want all these things to be in my mind when I’m planning the picture, I want them in my mind while I’m photographing him, and I want these emotions to be present in my final image.”

    Rattling Thunder
    D4 + AF-S NIKKOR 24-120mm f/4G ED VR | © Robert Osborn

    1. Georgi Georgiev – 1994 World Cup: Bulgaria Semi-Finals

    During the 1994 World Cup in the USA, the Bulgarian national football team beat Germany in the quarter final, making a historic breakthrough to the semi-finals. This win triggered nationwide celebrations with people dancing and partying in the streets and this particular image, taken by photojournalist Georgi Georiev, captures how it felt to be in the country’s capital, Sofia, at the time.

    1994 Bulgarian Semi Finals
    Nikon F4 + AF-S Zoom NIKKOR 28–70mm f/2.8D IF-ED | © Georgi Georgiev

    1. Tomáš Halász – The Road to the Presidential Palace: Election Relief

    It was the morning after the first round of the Presidential Election in Slovakia, 2014. The election campaign staff worked through the night and the final results came in as late as the early hours of the morning. Nominee Andrej Kiska was expected to take part in a series of TV interviews and discussions. He was waiting next door prior to one of the interviews in the building of the Slovak Broadcasting Company. As the final election show-down talk caused chaos among the journalists, Kiska requested a minute of rest to get ready. He sat back on a leather couch that had seen better days clasping his hands behind his head, closed his eyes and relaxed for a couple of minutes. The relief on his face was in stark contrast to the tension caused by the election campaign. Photographer Tomáš Halász comments: “I mounted a 50mm lens on my D700 and caught a moment of calm in the ever present tidal wave of chaos.

    The Road To The Presidential Palace
    D700 + AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G | ©Tomáš Halász

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