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  • Is photography teaching for you? Part 2 of 3 – “It's a privilege to pass on photography” Roie Galitz


    In the last blog, we heard from South African wedding photographer, Brett Florens about teaching photography as a profitable sideline for photographer. In the second part of our blog, we now follow up with wildlife photographer, Roie Galitz who runs Phototeva: a successful Photography and Adventures tours company that also teaches photography.


    Is photography teaching for you Roie Galitz Photographer and teacher Israel
    ‘I feel the most satisfaction when people get ‘infected’ with the photography bug.’ – Roie Galitz, Photographer and teacher, Israel



    ‘It’s always a pleasure to see the look in the eyes of someone who captures the image of his or her dreams. I have a passion for photography and I think it’s a privilege to pass it on.’


    Roie Galitz’s photography schools


    ‘My photography school, Phototeva, has three branches. The main branch in Tel-Aviv has seven classrooms. As well as classes, we do cultural, creative, landscape, adventure and of course, wildlife photography tours. Some only have four participants, others up to 20. Our Lapland Extreme Experience is our most popular photo tour with over 800 participants so far.


    In my photography school, the basic course, comprising 12 sessions of three hours, is the most popular and so far, we’ve taught it to 570 classes. We also offer one-to-one workshops and I’ve given photography talks to audiences of up to 4000 people.


    Most of our clients are photography enthusiast and even people who don’t take photography that seriously but wish to experience wildlife the way a photographer does, which is when the tours come in.


    Since my field of expertise and passion is wildlife, I’m the main guide for these tours. I want participants to feel what it’s like to be on one of the nature channels they watch on TV and to get excited when they get that awesome shot.


    photography wildlife taking that shot photographer teacher snow landscape selfie
    ‘I want participants to feel what it’s like to be on one of the nature channels they watch on TV and to get excited when they get that awesome shot.’ Roie Galitz. Nikon D800 + NIKKOR 14-24 mm f/2.8 @ f 9 | 15mm | 1/640s | ISO 100


    Feeling satisfied & reaping rewards


    I feel the most satisfaction when people get ‘infected’ with the photography bug. I believe that photography is not only about technique and composition, but that it teaches you a new and richer way to look at the world and experience life. New techniques go hand in hand with a new way of seeing. So first of all, I teach the technical aspects and then concentrate on different ways of perceiving the world.


    Our workshops are publicised by word of mouth and our very popular website – we hardly ever advertise. Our photo tour participants are mainly from the photography school – almost everyone knows about our exclusive tours. Social media – mostly Facebook – is perfect to further raise awareness of our tours and the high quality of teaching.


    What makes a great photography teacher 


    There are amazing photographers and amazing teachers, but it’s hard to find both qualities in one person. An excellent workshop leader must not only have top-notch photography skills and knowledge, but also be able to pass this on to the students, not to mention be charismatic enough to lead the group and reach everyone.


    It can require a lot of preparation as any unexpected turn of events could lead to potential failure. You have to make sure you’re confident in what you’re doing in terms of photography as well as teaching. Try to learn from the best, do whatever you can to get the participants in your workshop to come out of it with the greatest satisfaction and don’t forget to get a good insurance policy.


    Photography is about sharing, whether you’re a workshop leader or participant, so get your photos out there and don’t just store them on your hard drive. When your images and message reaches a broad audience, you know you’ve done your part.’


    Roie recently returned from a special photography project in Kamchatka ten days ago, here are his highlights.






    Still unsure about teaching photography?


    In our final blog post, we will listen from internationally acclaimed photographer with over 35 years of experience in the field: Joe McNally



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