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  • As it happened! Nikon Press Conference at photokina 2016

  • We’re coming to you live from the Nikon booth at this year’s photokina where we have just finished our official press conference. We were extremely proud to officially launch the KeyMission 360, to announce two new cameras to complete the range, and to hear from our special guest speakers, Ami Vitale and Martin Edström, who shared their personal experiences of using these new products.

    Didn’t manage to make it? Do not fear, below are the highlights from this year’s conference.


    We officially launched the KeyMission range including the KeyMission 360

    KeyMission Range 360 170 80
    Announced today: KeyMission range, KeyMission 360, KeyMission 170, KeyMission 80


    Having previewed the KeyMission 360 at CES earlier this year, President of Nikon Europe Takima Tschuda took the opportunity to officially launch our first true action camera with 4K UHD. Tough and action-ready, it gives users the ability to create rich and engaging 360 degree content, whatever the terrain or situation.


    Interactive photographer Martin Edström told us how 360 degree photography is transforming the industry


    Martin Edström, Press Conference
    Martin Edström presents at the Press Conference, photokina 2016, Cologne Germany


    Nikon Press Conference at photokina 2016, Cologne Germany
    Nikon Press Conference at photokina 2016, Cologne Germany


    To show what the KeyMission 360 is truly capable of, we invited Martin Edström, one of the world’s most compelling interactive storytellers, to the stage to give his thoughts on how 360 degree photography is transforming the industry, as well as give his firsthand experience using the KeyMission 360 during Holi festival in India this year.



    Martin said; “Holi festival has been photographed over and over again, by every other photographer out there. There are incredible amounts of great frames from this place – so many fantastic pieces of art.


    We announced two new additions to the KeyMission range – the KeyMission 170 and the KeyMission 80


    The full range of KeyMission cameras was announced, with the KeyMission 170 and KeyMission 80 joining the KeyMission 360 in the full range.


    Giving insight into our vision behind the KeyMission range, Nikon’s Hiroyuki Ikegami explained how ‘to date, wearable cameras have chiefly been targeted at sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, enabling them to capture extreme experiences. However, we believe that the potential of these hands-free wearable cameras extends far beyond this audience and purpose”.


    We’ve therefore created the KeyMission range for explorers of real life, who understand the power of images and video to tell their stories and change their world.


    KeyMission 80


    KeyMission 80 Photokina 2016 press conference


    Introducing the KeyMission 80 first, Ikegami-san explained how it’s a slim, all-weather wearable camera designed for great outdoor photography with best-in-class internet connected abilities.


    KeyMission 170


    KeyMission 170


    With a 170 degree ultra-wide-angle frame, which can be shot in 4K UHD resolution, Ikegami-san explained how the KeyMission 170 takes in every detail of a scene, opening new possibilities for immersive storytelling. In his words, it creates video that helps you feel the “thrill of being at the heart of the action, next to the photographer”.


    National Geographic magazine photographer and Nikon Ambassador Ami Vitale gave her experience using the KeyMission series in the field.


    Ami spoke of how she took the KeyMission series cameras into the wilderness of Northern Kenya to shine a light on the issue of endangered white rhinos in the region. Ami said “I took these cameras into the wilderness to shine a spotlight on the plight of a nearly extinct species and the people working to protect them. Thousands of northern white rhino once roamed east and central Africa. Today there are only THREE of these hulking, gentle creatures alive on the planet and they are protected round-the-clock by armed guards.  While much needed attention has been focused on the plight of wildlife, very little has been said about what solutions we have; the indigenous communities hold the key to saving Africa’s great animals. Where these communities are intact, poaching has dramatically decreased.”

    “I’ve been working to tell this story for 7 years, first using still images, then making films using Nikon’s DSLR cameras and now using these cameras. With traditional photography, we created an object to be viewed. But with KeyMission 170, as well as the KeyMission 360 we are creating an environment to be experienced.”


    Ami Vitale, Press Conference, photokina 2016
    Ami Vitale presenting at the Press Conference, photokina 2016, Cologne Germany


    Furthermore, on the KeyMission range’s capabilities and potential, Ami concluded. “These little cameras allow us to see the Whole story. It makes everyone’s point of view, also your point of view.  It gives us the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. These cameras will help set a new benchmark in filmmaking. They are the ultimate tool for creating awareness and understanding, a tool to make sense of our commonalities in the world we share.”

    Thank you for everyone who attended our conference this year and we hope you have a great rest of the week at photokina. To watch a rerun of the press conference, play the video below:



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