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  • Nikon at CES: The Scoop

  • We had a great time at CES this year, announcing four exciting new products. We gave the world what it had been waiting for in the Nikon D5, we surprised and delighted with the new Nikon D500, announced an entirely new product category with the KeyMission 360  and received approval with SnapBridge: offering always-on wireless connectivity with smart devices. A lot happened, a lot was said, and if you feel like you missed out, don’t worry. We’ve got the scoop covered for you here:

    Nikon D5


    The Nikon D5 was our most anticipated CES launch. Fully equipped with a range of features to blow shooting possibilities wide open. The camera’s next-generation 153-point AF system offers exceptionally wide coverage. It offers the highest expanded sensitivity in Nikon’s history, freeing you to shoot from bright sunlight to astronomical twilight. For moviemakers who go to extremes, D-movie now enables users to record 4k UHD (ultra-high-definition) movies in-camera.

    Dirk Jasper, our Product Manager for Professional Products and Product Planning at Nikon Europe, points to the exceptionally high ISO range of 100 to 102,400, extendable to ISO 3,280,000 equivalent at the Hi 5 setting, as the standout feature of the D5.

    Asked what such a high ISO functionality might be used for and if there is a strong user demand for it, Dirk explains:

    “The high ISO that extends beyond three million (on the Nikon D5) is not the main focus. The main focus is between ISO 6400-12,800 and up to ISO 51,200 where you’ll achieve much better results. This is the field most sports photographers and journalists have to work in, and they often have to shoot in poor light conditions indoors and at events. The fact that it is capable of going beyond 3 million might be interesting for example military, police or surveillance use. ”

    Nikon D500


    It had been a while since we launched the D300s, so the appetite for the its successor, the Nikon D500 which was revealed at CES, was huge. It shares many features with the Nikon D5, like the 153-point AF system and 4K video. It is also the first Nikon camera to employ “SnapBridge”: always-on connectivity with smart devices via short-range communication with Bluetooth® low energy.

    At CES, Dirk Jasper shares, “it has been a while since we have launched a camera in that segment (DX-format), but the D500 is on an even higher level than the Nikon D300s, not just because of its newer technology, but also the concept – the body is sturdier and we share more of the technology used in its full-frame sister camera than we did for example with the Nikon D3 and D300/D300S. We’ve been watching the market very closely and we’ve been developing our technology so we can have this leap in quality and performance.” Source: Amateurphotographer

    Key Mission 360


    One of our most exciting, and perhaps unexpected announcements was our entry into the Action Camera segment with our first offering, the KeyMission 360. The KeyMission 360 is a wearable action camera capable of recording true 360° video in 4K UHD. The KeyMission 360 features an image sensor and lens combination on two opposite sides of the camera, and images from each are combined in-camera to create a single realistic, high-definition 360° image.

        “There’s no such thing as ‘behind the camera’ anymore…” -Corey Rich

    On stage at CES, Nikon Ambassador, action photographer, director, and producer Cory Rich said of the camera: “360 degree VR has been used a lot, but has generally been clunky, expensive, one of a kind software, etc. Now, one camera is easy to operate to create virtual reality.

    Shooting virtual reality takes a lot to wrap your mind around. The camera sees everywhere, there’s no such thing as “behind the camera”, there’s no more hiding behind the camera. It’s all new, there’s no guide for how to shoot like this.”

    Meanwhile, at the Nikon Booth..

    We had 96 different cameras on show at the Nikon booth. See a summary of everything on show from Nikon USA:


    We also collaborated with the Big Freeze to produce a 360 video at the push of a button:


    Bonus: the five key trends we spotted at CES

    What else happened at CES? Below are the top five trends we noticed on show.

    1)     Wearable Technology

    Wearable technology, especially fitness trackers, really took off in 2015, and brands are now looking to make health tracking fun.

    2) Virtual Reality

    This year, virtual reality is becoming something consumers can afford and actually use, and ‘mobile VR’ is becoming increasingly popular. It looks like 2016 is set to be the “year of VR”, offering new inputs and new ways to explore.

    3) 360 Video

    360 was a big theme for CES this year. As brands increasingly look to create content for virtual reality, 360 actions cameras, like Nikon’s KeyMissoon 360, are set to have a huge impact on the imaging industry.

    4) Connected Home

    As part of the Internet of Things, the Smart Home has grown to embrace many more brands that can be connected throughout the home.

    5) Drones

    Now a sought after device for many, drones were a key trend at this year’s CES. There were just four drone companies at last year’s CES, this year there were 33.