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  • We are sending Sutton Images photographer Mark Sutton out to each F1 event to be our eyes and ears of the races.  In this series, he shares with us his favourite image from each race, documenting how he captured the shot and why it is his favourite.

    Pure Emotions! by Mark Sutton

    “I decided to cover the team’s celebration knowing that (winner) Nico Rosberg would offer up great emotion and energy…and I wasn’t wrong. I positioned myself on the floor sitting down comfortably with my two Nikon D4s bodies and the Nikkor 24-70mm and 70-200mm lenses, knowing that I had all bases covered in terms of possible shots.

    Lewis Hamilton (2nd place) arrived and was given a round of applause.  Then Nico came around the corner skipping and jumping, waving his arms in the air to gain some momentum.  As soon as he started, I began shooting with the D4s and the 24-70mm with the shutter speed already set at 1/500th of a second to capture the action and shoot him frame by frame. The team cheered and applauded the winner.

    I love this photo because of the emotions on the team members and on Nico himself.  You can tell that victory was sweet and meant so much to everyone.”

    Austrian Grand Prix winner Nico Rosberg cheers with his team

    Pure Emotions! by Mark Sutton, Sutton Images

    Camera: Nikon D4s

    Lens: Nikkor 24-70mm F2.8ED

    Exif Data:

    • Shutter speed – 1/500th of a second
    • Aperture – f/11
    • ISO – 400

    Stay tuned for more shots- after 5 July we will bring you Mark’s favourite image from the British Grand Prix.